National Council Members Page

No 4 Area
(The South West Flotilla)

National Council Member’s Report to No 4 Area Meeting

held at Plymouth on 19th January 2019

My intention to keep the Area Committee and branches informed of recent topics discussed at AMC, FAC and National Council in advance of Area Quarterly meetings, enabling Delegates the opportunity to prepare any questions prior to the meeting.

I am confident my predecessor’s, S/m’s David White (ex-National Chairman) and Ken Knight will agree, I am involved in decisions that relate to the viability and future of our Association, however I also have a responsibility to this Area as your elected representative on the NC.

Do not hesitate to raise issues of concern through our Area Committee, if they consider the issue has Merit I can assure you all, it will be delivered for the very next NC agenda.

 It must be appreciated that a significant number of NC decisions presented are provisional until the formal minutes are approved by the National Council at the next Council meeting.


  • Deputy General Secretary is now a job share. Sarah Clewes now DGS on same salary scale and Andy Christie scaling down, which is his personal choice. Sarah 0.5 Andy 0.5

My apologies were conveyed for the AMC meeting held on Saturday November 17th, clashing with the Branch Annual Dinner & Dance. I attended the National Council Meeting held at Semaphore Tower, Portsmouth on Saturday 8th December 2018.

  • Council appointed S/m Ray Barraclough as an Association Life Vice President.

I congratulate Ray on this appointment but will say how disappointed I was to learn that Ray never received an honour which reflected his dedication as National Treasurer for 30 years. I spoke to Ray last June at the Dublin Conference and was ‘gobsmacked’ when he said his name was not mentioned in the QBH list. Negative dispatch at the beginning of this year, What more can I say? .  I can assure you, your Area Committee share my feelings.

  • Council appointed Capt. Paul Quinn OBE as a Life Member.
  • Council noted that Capt. Bill Oliphant has assumed the duties as General Secretary.
  • Council to have further discussion on the value to the Association of ‘Gizzets’.

 Marketing Budget pays for Paper Hats, ‘donor stickers’ and car signs.  Budget 2019 was on the NC agenda and further decisions have yet to be made. Notably Marketing and ‘Gizzets’ are to be shown as two items as both have value and need discussion to validate their individual worth.

  • Branch Support Fund Budget has been increased and will be reflected in the proposed Budget 2019. Requests up to £250 have proven quick and easy to process and have proved a very welcome function of supporting a variety of Branch activities. Area and Branch Assets are not considered in making a decision,
  • The criteria: if Area or Branch require financial support to facilitate a trip, publicity or an event; complete the Form you may be surprised.

Requests to support individuals should be addressed to the Central Charities Fund rather than the Branch Support Fund.

  • NC approved the implementation of Corporate sponsorship, the Brochure allows for three levels of membership. Locating Companies to join has still to be established, it is anticipated that NCM/Area Committees will be requested to play a big part.
  • Interim Accounts for period 1st January to 30th September 2018 identifies that income from Annual Subscriptions within £1k of budget. If my  memory serves me correct the budget for the year is around £150k.

              Income Tax reclaimed on Gift Aid and Investment Income very healthy.

              Investment income doing well on the £1.7 m investment with RNRMC                

  • Travelling National Council including travelling expenses for the Membership Study Group, Travelling Other, Postage and Telephone all under Budget.

 Marketing, PR and Website – significant expense for Corporate Membership development of Logo, booklet and Website development.

Annual Conference Budget slightly over, overall total expenditure to date 9.59% under budget, actual deficit for the first nine months over £50k better than the budgeted deficit.

  • National Conference at Wyboston Lakes 7th – 9th

            Motions Deadline 15th February

  • Conference 2020. Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool. 3 nights including Gala Dinner £168 per person. Shipmates will book directly with the Hotel in due course.

           Area 9 are investigating the viability to hold Conference 2021 in Nottingham            

 As a nominated member of the Membership Study Group I must say very impressed with the number of our Area Officers and branches concerns sent to me prior to the first meeting.

Those concerns firmly delivered at the first meeting held on HMS Belfast.

Study Group Chairman (Peter Godwin NCM Area 8) delivered a report to Council.

Our conclusions identified that:

  • Central membership is not a threat to the authority and management of individual branches.
  • Primary recommendations identified that an upgrade of the current process for recording members details, which are currently held in paper form rather than electronic.
  • We requested National Council approval and recommendation to proceed to second stage, which is for Central Office to investigate an appropriate database and costs by June 2019.

S/m Arthur Gutteridge BEM