National Council Members Page

No 4 Area
(The South West Flotilla)

No 4 Area

(The South West Flotilla)

National Council Member’s Report to No 4 Area Meeting

held at Portland on 16th September 2017

Shipmates my apologies for not attending the Area Meeting.  I would like to thank Shipmate Arthur for deputising on my behalf.

 The last National Council Meeting was held at Victory Services Club, London on Saturday 9th September 2017.

  1. Election of Chair and Vice-Chair.

There was only one nominee for each position and were duly elected.

  1. National Chairman – Keith Ridley of No 6 Area.
  2. National Vice-Chairman – Paul Stephenson of No 12 Area.
  3. Representatives. One member of the National Council will also act as the overseas representative and this will be carried out by S/M Keith Crawford MBE of 9 Area. 

It was suggested that there could be a HQ Roll member’s representative.  This was agreed and this will be undertaken by S/M Vic Allen of 2 Area.

  1. Conferences.
  2. 2017 – Financially this came in under budget. The overall event was deemed to be a success and thanks go to Scotland for all their work.
  3. b. 2018 – The arrangements are progressing well. Accommodation is being investigated and arranged by CONA Holiday Service and anyone wishing to attend should contact CONA for suitable options.  There may be an opportunity to visit the Irish Parliament building on the Friday, although at the moment it is restricted to Council members.

Survey Form – A Post-conference Survey Form is being considered.  This will be issued to delegates, but this still needs to be generated.


  1. LIBOR Mini-buses – Shipmates that attended the Biennial Parade will have seen the three new vehicles and the naming and dedication of them. One mini-bus has been allocated to Liskeard and is available for use by Shipmates in our Area.


  1. IMC Sailing Camp. This was held at Varna, Bulgaria and attended by six Sea Cadets.  This was well run and coincided with the Bulgarian Navy Days.  The General Secretary had tried to get a sailing camp in this country, but it was too expensive.  Since then it has been possible to arrange to have one and the cadets can stay in HMS Raleigh during the August leave period.  The camp will be over 5 days and would cost £350 per cadet.  Activities will include; sailing, power boating, visit to the Eden Project.  There will be 40 places available, six from the UK and extra places could become available. 


  1. RNA Riders Group. A proposal has been put forward for the RNA to have a Riders Group similar to the Royal British Legion.  Scotland has circulated the idea to their members and so far 40 have expressed an interest.  The AMC will pursue this and see how this group could be formed.


  1. Recruiting and Retention. Branches are encouraged to do all they can to recruit new members and if you need support in advertising there is an advert available at Central Office.  Contact the General Secretary if you are interested and if you need funding this can also be provided.  With regard to retention, it is sad that branches have to close and this could result in the loss of members as well.  Branches that have to close due to not being able to form a committee could become a tender or a division of a local branch and their committee will have the oversight of their members. 


  1. RNA Badge. The RNA Badge is now trademarked which means that companies like “Forever Jack” cannot produce the badge without permission and licence.  The Beret Badge has been mentioned in the past and now it has been agreed that a metal badge will replace the cloth badge on 1st January 2020. Central Office will make sure that the badge is of a good quality.

Note: All Standard Bearers must only wear the approved cloth badge until January 2020 and other Shipmates will be able to wear their existing badges until January 2020. As from January 2020 everyone will wear the metal badge.


  1. Finance – 2017 Accounts.
  2. Income – Up to the end of June the Subscriptions for this year is £20,000 down on the budgeted figure of £170,000. Moving our Investments from Hoare’s Bank to RNRMC has been a sound move and so far this year we have received nearly £34,000.  We have also received donations and legacies of £64,500. 
  3. Expenditure – this is under budget by nearly £44K.
  4. Summary – Looking at the budget as a whole, it is envisaged that at the end of the year our funds will have decreased by £82K.


  1. Conference Motions. The National Council motions passed by Conference relating to Bylaws have been passed to the Privy Council for approval.  The Branch Motion for the National Council to review the Conference Study Group Guidelines has been given to the AMC.


  1. Project Semaphore. Shipmates are encouraged to take up the offer of having an IPad.  Sarah Clewes has now taken over as the Project Manager and Julie Royston is the Project Administrator. 

An email has been received at Central Office regarding a Shipmate that has received an iPad and this is what was said:

Yesterday, Shipmate Len received his iPad and after being given some tuition has taken to it like a duck to water.

But I am writing to let you know of the words he used. Words like “marvellous”, “incredible”, “fantastic” and others like “helpful”, “social”, “conversations”, and many, many more. The way in which he has expressed his thanks and the difference it has made to him already is really heart-warming – so much that I had a tear in my eyes whilst we talked. It truly has given him a new lease of life.

He is looking forward to keeping in touch with all of his shipmates and friends, many of whom he hasn’t seen for a long, long time due to his mobility problems.

Not only Len, but I cannot thank the RNA enough for bringing such joy to a shipmate. This really does epitomise everything we do within the RNA and proves that the project is most worthwhile. 

I would like to give my thanks to each and every person who has brought the project to fruition and for the kindness of the mentors who have given their time to make Len a born-again, happy chappy. Thank you all.”

Delegates go back to your branches and speak to your members.  Sarah came to Dorchester and gave a short talk on the benefits and some of the Dorchester members wanted an iPad.  If you would like Sarah to visit your branch contact her, or perhaps invite Sarah to the AGM In January 2018.


  1. Jutland Wood. The £1800 that was raised by the raffle of the rum cask has been given to the Woodland Trust.  The planting of trees has been postponed until the winter of 2018/19. It is not too late for Areas, Branches or individuals to sponsor a tree sapling at the cost of £20 and also have it in memory of someone or another inscription of your choosing.


  1. Partnering. The new Collaboration Agreement and the Charter to define the relationship between the RN and RNA is now ready for signing. This will be carried out by the 2nd Sea Lord on completion of the Biennial Parade.


  1. Shipmates that concludes report of the National Council Member. Are there any questions?



Thank you.

Shipmate Ken Knight