National Council Members Page

No 4 Area
(The South West Flotilla)


National Council Member’s Report to No 4 Area Meeting

Held at Saltash on 20th January 2018

1. The last National Council Meeting was held in Victory Building Portsmouth on Saturday 9th December 2017. The meeting commenced at 09:00 and finished at 13:00.

2. Annual Conferences:
a. 2018 bookings at the time of the Council Meeting was very low and disappointing which could be related to the costs involved. The General Secretary had twice polled branches and 100 branches stated that they would not be sending a delegate and 30 said they would. All in all, not a good response. The Council had to decide whether to move Conference from Dublin or support it. Delegates at Conference 2016 voted in favour of the Motion for Dublin and at this late stage it was decided to keep things as they are. The National Council proposed a £100 subsidy to assist branches financially and this was agreed. Branches are encouraged to seek the cheapest means of transport and to consider the subsidy.
b. 2019 Conference will be held at Wyboston Lakes near Bedford over the weekend of 7/8/9 June.
c. 2020 venue is still unknown because there no branch motion has been submitted.
Note: If there is no motion from branches, there is a possibility that instead of the weekend it could end up as a one-day Conference held in the Portsmouth Area.

3. Biennial Parade. It has been stated that the Parade was brilliant and was one of the best with a good turnout of standards. Having the LIBOR buses and gallantry award holders present was also good. The Biennial Parade 2017 was very challenging from the planning point of view, but that the plan had worked, and the new route and formation/dismissal areas were highly satisfactory. Access to toilets was an issue for some shipmates, and portaloos could be hired and placed in King Charles Street.

4. National Recruitment Advisor. The AMC had come up with the idea and the National Vice Chairman sought an agreement in principle to take the issue forward to writing Terms of Reference and identifying resources required for the task. GS advised some of his work was aimed at marketing and recruitment. More work still needs to be carried out, but generally it was considered a good idea.

5. Standard Bearers competition. This will be held on 12 May in HMS COLLINGWOOD. This year there will also be a ‘Novices’ competition. Travelling expenses can be claimed for every entrant. 

6. Welfare Seminar. This will be held on 21 April in Stoke on Trent. LIBOR buses are being planned from 4, 10 and 3 Areas. The National Welfare Adviser encourages good attendance for anyone interested in welfare issues and is not restricted to just Branch Welfare Officers.

7. Third quarter accounts. The income from annual subscriptions of £118,315 was below budget and some of this was due to a loss of HQ roll members and Associate Members because of subscription increase. Investment income higher than what was budgeted due to legacies received resulting the income being £102,000 over budget. The Biennial parade was under the amended budget and expenses were under budget by £16,000. The Accountant anticipated that the increased investment income, legacies, tight control of costs and capital growth of investments would mean that the RNA may come in at break-even if Central Charity Funds grants are paid.

8. Branch and Club Support Fund. the uptake of grants from the BCSF has been low and it is expected that this was partly caused by the clunky application process. An application for a large grant will be more in depth, but for a minor grant this will be made easier. In future the General Secretary will be able to approve a grant up to £250, but will have an annual limit of £7,500. The application process will be published in the Semaphore Circular.

9. Standing Orders Committee. Following the passing away of S/Ms Harries and Ascott the National Council approved co-opted Shipmates Purkis and Higgon-Young onto the Standing Orders committee.

10. Motions for Conference. At the last meeting there were two National Council Motions that were related to changes to the rules and By-laws. Until the next meeting held in March I will not know what other motions have been put forward by the National Council and Branches. I will inform you of the Motions for Conference at the next meeting.

11. I have formally notified the General Secretary, The National Chairman and the Area Committee that I will not be putting my name forward for election this year as the No. 4 Area National Council Member.


Thank you.

Shipmate Ken Knight