National Council Members Page

No 4 Area
(The South West Flotilla)

National Council Member’s Interim Report (March 2019)

As promised an update of recent topics discussed at National Council, keeping you in the picture of current agenda and where applicable decisions made. An ideal opportunity to ‘inwardly digest’ and generate a few questions for the next Area Quarterly meeting in May at Bodmin.
I am confident you appreciate that content includes Draft data which will be confirmed at the National Council Meeting at the Wyboston Lakes National Conference in June.
Attended the AMC Meeting (Saturday 16th February) held in the Lightening Suite, situated on the Princess Royal Jetty (formerly Middle Slip Jetty), created especially for HMS Queen Elizabeth (which was alongside) and also the NC meeting held on Friday 8th March in the Victory Building, HMNB, Portsmouth.

S/m Paul Stephenson, Chair of the AMC delivered key points to the NC.
Conference 2019 update identified very poor delegates response to date. The technical visit was a success and the GS pleased that venue and committee are well prepared.
Branch Closures. National Branch Recruitment and Retention Advisor (NBRRA) is issuing guidance to make branches aware of all the issues they should address, support available, to facilitate continuity of vulnerable branches.
IMC Summer Camp primarily for the benefit of Sea Cadets but it seems few Units are aware of the opportunities available. Funding available from the RNA would enable Cadets to attend where cost is a barrier. GS will liaise with SCC HQ to ensure distribution of IMC Sailing Camp information to all Sea Cadet Units.
National Events Advisor informed that the budget allocation for ‘Gizzets’ this year is £4k. This equates to £307 for each Area and it was suggested that it would only cover AFD as an Area event. Evidently there have been about 21 applications to date from branches.
National Charter and Bye-Laws Advisor identified inconsistences which have now been amended but result in no significant changes.
S/m Keith Ridley, Chair of the FAC presented the FAC report.
Expenses. From 1st April 2019 mileage rate will be reduced from 35p to 30p, Staff rate will remain the same.
Accountant delivered Final Accounts -Year Ending 31 Dec 2018 with a clear presentation of the Statement of Financial Activity, individual Funds and notes to the Accounts.

Motions for Conference 2019.
CHANGE TO THE SUPPLEMENTAL CHARTER To amend Article 7 (1) by adding, ‘A Member, awarded a Certificate of Appreciation’ after Associate Member: (Shift the word ‘and’)
And that this amendment shall be subject to such change as may be required by the Privy Council and is agreed by the President of the Royal Naval Association.

Reasoning: Article 7 (1) sets a precedence when using ‘Life Member’ as a form of Membership, thus requiring ‘A Member, awarded a Certificate of Appreciation’ to be included.

To amend Rule 20 (c) to read as follows:
The four elected members shall hold office for two years with two retiring each year but they shall be eligible for re-election. Nomination of candidates, who shall be Full or Life Members or an Associate Member awarded a CoA, of a Branch in the United Kingdom or the Republic of Ireland may be forwarded by any Branch to reach the Council at least eight weeks before the date of the next Conference. Each nomination shall include a statement of support by the Branch in which the candidate exercises his right to vote, a statement of the nominee’s willingness to serve and details of his service and experience in the Association. These details shall be included with the Conference agenda; a voting form will be issued to Delegates on registration. Changes in membership of the Committee shall take effect at the end of the Conference at which they were approved.
And that this amendment shall be subject to such change as may be required by the Privy Council and is agreed by the President of the Royal Naval Association.
Reasoning: To broaden the pool of Members from which nominees can be made. It will add a value to the COA.
To amend Rule 20 (d) by replacing ‘an elected’ with ‘a’ in the first sentence and by adding the c

The number of Associate members with a CoA permitted to serve on the Standing Orders Committee at any one time shall be one. This provision does not mean that a place is reserved on the Committee for an Associate Member with a CoA. The nomination of an Associate Member holding a CoA in the year a sitting Associate Member holding a CoA is not due for election, shall be declared invalid, unless the sitting Associate Member is standing down, for whatever reason.
And that this amendment shall be subject to such change as may be required by the Privy Council and is agreed by the President of the Royal Naval Association.
Reasoning: As for 20 (c) plus
if a place was reserved for an Associate with a CoA, a vacancy would remain if such a member was not nominated

National Conference 2021 to be held in Nottingham.

Commemorative Events.
• D-Day 75. A range of events in Portsmouth and National Arboretum.
• Biennial March. Meetings have taken place with Metropolitan Police. Ongoing plans including NC Meeting on 7th September at UJC.

• Black Tot Day. 50th Anniversary takes place 2020. ‘Dry Run’ planned for 30 July 2019 in collaboration with RNRMC. 100 places for a Buffet Lunch Reception on HMS Belfast.Nominations welcome for 4 places per Area required by Conference please. GS to promulgate travelling expenses subsidy for attendees (day trip only, not overnight accommodation).

Minibus Dispersal. Belfast Branch would like an RNA mini bus. Initially agreed that vehicles would move periodically and therefore current locations were therefore temporary. GS to capture mileage and gauge usage so far, compare mileage and consider rotation. Ongoing- Proposal being considered.
By Area 4 NCM.
Shortage of Mentors to support requirement at HMS Raleigh. CONA members have expressed an interest in taking on the Role. Should become RNA members. GS to speak to CO HMS Raleigh. Ongoing.

By Area 4 NCM. Limited Menu choices for the Gala Dinner at Conference 2019. NCh to liaise with UK Holiday Group to explore options and associated costs. Watch this space!

Arthur Gutteridge BEM
NCM4/RNA Plymouth